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Dr. Dela Merced is friendly, knowledgeable, and has a calming demeanor. When I inquired about prenatal vitamins during this visit, she provided me with two different samples and explained the virtues of each. My family and I appreciate Dr. Dela Merced as an OB and as a person.*

- Emily C.

Very sweet and helpful with all of my questions!*

- Alana C.

Two thumbs up and all the stars from me! I am taking treatment from Dr. Dela Merced and she's a very considerate, friendly, nice doctor. I trust her and I talk to her about all the queries. she always gives me peace of mind by providing satisfactory answers; I think she is the best!*

- Prajakta K.


- Alicia D.

Couldn't ask for a better Doctor*

- Ruth R.

As always dr LaFollette is the best. She spent a lot of time with me, with genuine concern and professionalism. Also, she always makes me laugh!*

- Robyn S.

Dr. Dela Merced was very friendly and personable. She took the time to sit and talk to me about my concerns. I liked that she didn't rush through our appointment. I would highly recommend her.*

- Nicole E.

Very friendly and pleasant, takes the time to make sure all my questions are answered and I understand.*

- Pamela P.

Everyone is always knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. L. is amazing - so much energy. I always leave in awe.*

- Nadine T.

I appreciate the online check in option and the ability to record questions in advance. In anticipation of this visit, I posed a question about a new blood test predictive of preterm labor. Jackie had an answer at the ready when we met this afternoon. As my husband and I left the office, we were greeted by Lizellen. Her demeanor is always so positive and supportive. We are fortunate to have access to both doctors!*

- Emily C.

Sweet, kind, and makes you feel very comfortable! Wonderful at her job!*

- Julia J.

Timely, personal and professional. Every visit to see Dr. LaFollette makes me feel like a valued patient.*

- Andrea S.

Always leave the office feeling so well taken care of and understood.*

- Linda B.

Dr. Dela Merced delivered our little boy and we could not be more impressed with our experience. Assuming she would come in towards the end to "catch" the baby, she was there the entire time, once it was decided it was time to push. Prior to that she would come in to check in on me, stay as long as needed and gave us our space as well. She even helped with a back massage during a long contraction, when my husband was napping :) Both my husband and I were so impressed with our experience and felt that we were in the best of hands and stayed very calm, because of Dr. Dela Merced's energy and care for all three of us. SO grateful for help in delivering our little boy.*

- Emma A.

Love my doctor she trustworthy caring and I feel super blessed I have her!*

- Jennifer A.

Always the best!*

- Sophia P.

Lafolette is so great. Very attentive*

- Britney G.

Dr follette is amazing, her staff made it easy to come in last minute and were super nice !*

- Maura M.

Jackie was attentive and thorough as always. The office staff was friendly. I appreciate the technological tools to help me manage and confirm appointments as well as access visitation notes. It seems somewhat incongruent then when office staff/nurses ask me to fill out paper copies of forms or inquire repeatedly about the date of my last period. At this last visit, I was asked to fill out a form for which, I think, the focus was general health history. It also asked about pregnancy history which Jackie knows, I'm sure is chronicled, and I'd prefer not to rehash when all that's really needed is whether I have a history of asthma or hypertension. It would be great if the info from those forms could be added to the tech tool and I could fill it out in advance. In the interim, maybe the staff could cross out the redundant information.*

- Emily C.

Focused, customized, highest-quality knowledgeable attention. She is totally "there" for her patients! Especially valuable for aging women who need trusted resources. The path for Boomer and younger women is uncharted for us - as we have many options - and we need trusted, leading-edge partners, working on the frontlines (like Lizellen) in our care - and exploration.*

- Janis J.

After five years on the East Coast I was thrilled to return to Dr. La Follette's office and meet Dr. Dela Merced. She was warm, professional, and informative.*

- Ruth R.

Always very professional and informative*

- Kirsten T.

Quick and super easy. De La Merced was informative and helpful!*

- Kelly P.

Great appointment, very efficient and kind. Looking forward to the next 9 months and beyond with Dr. Dela Merced.*

- Nicole B.

Love her!*

- Wendy D.

Great first apt*

- Britney G.

Great first meeting!*

- Christina B.

Dr. La Follette was a pleasure! She was on time. She listened well, and was authentically interested in my health. Additionally, she has the lasted techno advances at her finger tips, which is a big plus!*

- Ellen R.

Appreciate the personalized visits with Dr Dela Merced. I never feel rushed and get questions answered. Her cheerful personality and positivity eased me throughout my second pregnancy. Glad to have her as my physician!*

- Maggie S.

Dr Jackie is really the best! She knows her stuff and incredibly approachable. She is a trusted partner in my overall health and our journey to have kids!*

- Stephanie S.

Dr Jackie delivered our first child. She was gracious, kind and so supportive over what turned into a 56hr labor! Anyone that can hold steady for that long and still be alert enough to perform the way she did delivering our daughter safely is a MIRACLE worker. We adore Dr Jackie and hope that she will be there to deliver our second child. Seeing Dr Jackie, Dr LaFollette and the entire team for checkups is like coming home to family. Thank you all for all that you do!*

- Chelsea H.

I've been seeing Dr. LaFollette for years and she is always warm, funny and informative. She answers questions matter of factly, and never makes you feel stupid for asking. Hands down, she's the best.*

- Karen S.

Dr Dela Merced answers all my questions and sees me as a person, not just another patient. I feel I'm in very good hands with her.*

- Karen J.

Kind, professional and took an interest in my health and solutions - she makes you feel comfortable and asked alot of questions throughout the visit.*

- Lori K.

Dr. Dela Merced was very attentive to my needs and took the time to listen. I did not feel rushed. She was understanding of my needing to wean myself from HRT and the problems that causes my body. She offered alternatives and I will try a lower dose patch as she recommended.*

- Phyllis G.

Dr. Dela Merced is always very positive & helpful during every one of my visits!*

- Lee Anne K.

Always friendly, knowledgeable and approachable!*

- Leonela F.

Dr. LaFollette is knowledgeable, practical and trustworthy. I'm so glad she's my doctor!*

- Patricia D.

So far so good!*

- Christina B.

Absolutely no doubt the best doctor that I have!*

- Madelene L.

I really enjoy seeing Dr. La Follette. She kind, funny and makes you feel comfortable. I actually look forward to my appointments!*

- Susan O.

Amazing and Caring experience!!*

- Jessica E.

Visit with Dr De La Merced was great, as always!*

- Stephanie S.

The appt. was fine, very short. We listened to the baby's heartbeat, but didn't discuss the rate. We appreciate the gift basket we won.*

- Emily C.

long wait for appointment but well worth it once I get the amazing expertise and compassion.*

- Charis D.

Dr. Dela Merced is very warm and genuine and I liked her instantly! She knows how to make a patient feel comfortable. She is highly knowledgable and explained everything to me clearly and respectfully. The front desk was exceptional as well. I am so happy to be a new patient in this practice and I highly recommend!*

- Robin B.

Dr. La Folette is at the forefront of medicine. I put all of my faith in her knowledge and experience.*

- Suzy D.

Super friendly and professional*

- Erin M.

Great experience!*

- Sofia B.

Each staff member is polite and helpful. They do everything they can to answer questions and make one feel comfortable.*

- Alyssa D.

Dr. Dela Merced is great! She is always very professional, warm and welcoming. I get all my questions answered clearly and don't feel rushed during the visit. I love this office so much I am going to bring in my 16 year old daughter, rather than continue at her pediatricians office. Thanks!*

- Christina W.

Amazing ob-gyn!*

- Linda D.

Professional and through.*

- Mary H.

Excellent detail oriented doctor and really great bedside manner. I am grateful to have found Dr Dela Merced and feel I am in great hands for my pregnancy!*

- Christine V.

Love Dr. Dela Merced! She is so kind and is always genuinely interested in my health and life in general. She always makes me feel comfortable and offers great care.*

- Sarah M.

Love her!*

- Jacklyn S.

I have been a patient of Lizellen's for 5 years or so, and I have always felt like I am in good hands when I see her. She has the amazing skill set of working at an efficient pace, while at the same time, listening to my questions/concerns et. and addressing them. I have recommended her to everyone that's ever asked me, and I will continue to do so! :)*

- Rachel H.

Love Dr. De La Merced. She is so easy to talk to and is an excellent doctor. I highly recommend her. She and Dr. La Follette are an OB/GYN dream team.*

- Tina S.

Love her! Amazingly personal and warm. Always a pleasure and always easy to have all my questions answered. Thanks Dr. Dela Merced!*

- Emily F.

I always love coming into the office- the doctors here really sit down with you to discuss what's going on. I never feel like they are rushing onto the next patient.*

- Elizabeth W.

Very empathetic and non judgmental*

- Alicia P.

I am very much satisfied. Dr. LaFollette explained my options, without the need for surgery.*

- Lorraine D.

Dr. Delta Merced was wonderful. Bedside manner was impeccable. I can't wait to see her next year. Thank you for the wonderful experience.*

- Megan M.

Dr. Dela Merced is kind and compassionate and answers all of my questions. I would highly recommend her!*

- Emily M.

Appreciated the personal attention and care during visit.*

- Sandraline C.

Dr. La Follette is my best doctor. I am a 66 year old woman, and have lived in Marin County for the last 7 years. Medically speaking, I have been around the block. I have had a myriad of medical experiences because of my age. Of all the doctors I have known in my lifetime, she is one of the top two doctors I've had. The other doctor was my personal physician for 25 years in West Los Angles (who happened to saved my life twice !). Dr. La Follette is smart, well educated, deeply experienced, and able to improvise on a dime when called for. She really , really knows her stuff. She also keeps herself and her patients up to date and current with the latest medical procedures and improvements. She has helped me stay healthy and confident, and I am grateful for the peace of mind that has given me. She is also a super nice, personable, funny, and a charming person to talk to. I always look forward to her appointments. You'd be lucky to get a space left, if she has one.*

- Nicole L.

Look no further, Dr. Lizellen La Follette and Dr. Jaqueline Dela Merced are quite simply, the best!*

- Abbie R.

Nice staff, clean office and great service. Would recommend to friends and family.*

- Melinda B.

Dr Dela Merced did a very thorough exam and really took the time to ask about my medical history, past pregnancies, and put me at ease. Very warm and professional.*

- Kirsten M.

Dr La Folette puts me at ease, she has lots of energy, is positive and I really like her sense of humor. The ladies at the reception as well as the "nurses" always welcome you with a smile.*

- Anka S.

Dr. La Follette is an absolute sweetheart. She has a very polite and professional bedside manner. Check ups with her are not awkward at all.*

- Yung L.

Dr. Lafolette, is proficient, expeditious and has a great attitude~*

- Maryanne C.

Best OB by far! I absolutely LOVE Dr. LaFollette!!!!*

- Leigh-Anne K.

Dr. La Follette is smart, hardworking and extremely caring to her patients. She has been my doctor for 8 or more years and has been a part of both my pregnancies and the birth of my two kids. She has offered incredible advice and care for me over the years. Her expertise is invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for excellent care.*

- Jennifer I.

Wonderful as always!*

- Colleen S.

Always great*

- Christine R.

Jackie is friendly, warm, informative. She has answers to questions I've posed in advance of the appointment.*

- Emily C.

Quick and easy. Dr. Dela Merced was informative and friendly as always!*

- Ruth R.

Dr. Dela Merced is fantastic. She actively listens to what you have to say and actually hears what you tell her. She has helped me to take action on a problem that has been causing me severe pain for years. It feels wonderful to do something active about it and her understanding was incredibly valuable.*

- Sophie M.

I was very stressed when I came in, and Dr. Dela Merced helped to calm me through her professional manner. I have been reluctant to get a pessary, but knew it was now time. We tried several, and it was for me a VERY painful process. Dr. Dela Merced was understanding of my extreme sensitivity and kept the mood light, yet without dismissing my feelings. We were finally able to find a size that appears to fit with only minimal discomfort (probably just due to my need to get used to it). I was pleased with the level of understanding that I received, as my discomfort was very real and very distressing. (I would prefer this NOT be posted at all, or if it IS posted, please use just C.C. to sign it.)*

- Carol C.

Meeting Dr.Jacqueline was a great experience. Being first time parent her guidance and care has been really Awesome. We are extremely happy with each of our visits. She has patiently responded to all our queries and has always taken time to call personally and respond to the question we emailed her. She is very informative and has answers for all our question related to anything and everything about medication, symptoms ,mood swing etc. we are expecting the this to continue during our all visits. :) Thanks!!!*

- Muzhumathi M.

We adore Dr. Dela Merced. She is intelligent, professional, kind, and calm. She delivered our second daughter and we trust her implicitly! Thank you for taking such great care of us!*

- Abbie R.

My experience was Easy and friendly, and Dr Dela Merced professional and helpful.*

- Colene A.

I was on an unexpected trip from Hawaii and needed a follow up. I located Dr. dela Merced through Yelp. The first asset was that they were open on Saturdays! The front office staff was welcoming and easy to work with on billing info, portal information and other concerns being a new patient. Paper work was straightforward and easy to follow. Doctor's nurse was a great. She was interactive and happy. What made it best was that I was able to have a follow up ultrasound and from that a biopsy done right there that same day. No running around to an diagnostic center. Dr. Dela Merced explain procedure well and answered all my concerns. I felt reassured by the professional standards given. You can tell that the entire staff puts their investments into the "Patient" and not the appearance of the pratice. I will continue to use Dr. Dela Merced for all my future Gyn needs.*

- Holly V.

I love how "taken care of" I feel at your office. No rushing...time for questions...and love/support is what I feel while in your space. Thank you.*

- Katina G.

Dr. La Follette actively listens to and answers all of my questions regarding my overall health. She cares about me as a person and is totally genuine in that regard. I have had to change health plans a few times, and my priority is that it be a plan that Dr. La Follette is on! I feel very lucky, in this day and age, to have Dr. La Follette on my team.*

- Ann C.

The appointment went well and the problems were handles and/or explained appropriately.*

- Carol C.

Dr. Dela Merced has incredible bed side manner. She is cool, calm and collected at all times. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a OB.*

- Megan M.

I've been patient of Dr. LaFollette for years. She has helped me manage menopause and aging issues in a very supportive manner. It's always an adventure when I visit her. We've had some wonderful discussions about the world around us.*

- Mary M.

Love my doctor and love the staff! Everyone is friendly, efficient and the best at their job. I always feel taken care of and trust this team explicitly. Can't imagine going anywhere else.*

- Amanda W.

She is the best!*

- Marisa M.

Lizellen is always clear and knowledgeable ! A great experience. We are so lucky to have her here in Marin.*

- Leslie L.

I always enjoy my appointments with Dr La Folette. She puts me at ease and uses her sense of humor which works miracles!*

- Anka S.

Informative, friendly and helpful.*

- Jane M.

Very good!*

- Lisa G.

Dr. Dela Merced is an extremely knowledgeable and caring physician. I feel comfortable talking with her about my faminine wellbeing and I trust her treatment approaches and preventative care recommendations.*

- Veronika J.

once again - Dr. Liz has great bedside manner! Love her. Was a bit confused about the $300 annual admin fee. Is this the norm?*

- Dawn D.

I had a very good visit with Dr. La Follette and things are going well now. Merci pour notre bonne visite.*

- Evelyne N.

Welcoming, informative, prepared, organized, professional. I'm very happy with our experience.*

- Melissa B.

Always makes an uncomfortable appointment as comfortable as possible and has the most genuine and kindest nurses there as well. Strongly recommend!*

- Lauren T.

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