Moveo Painless Hair Removal

Moveo Painless Hair Removal

Moveo Painless Hair Removal, the newest innovation in hair removal, allows for pain-free,
fast laser treatments in the comfort of your gynecologist’s office.
Unlike the laser hair removal you are used to, the Moveo technology uses a cooled sapphire tip with direct skin contact and gradual delivery to create a safer and more comfortable experience. The Alexandrite (755 nm)
laser offers the most potent wavelength for hair removal while
increasing the amount of energy absorbed precisely where you want it most.

Safe for all skin types, eliminate the need to shave, tweeze, or wax with the Moveo Painless Hair Removal.


*We do not quote aesthetic prices over the phone, and pricing is talked about at your initial consultation. An initial consultation is $250 that can be applied to treatments.

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