Lizellen La Follette, MD

Lizellen La Follette, MD

Meet Dr. La Follette

Lizellen La Follette, MD, is a board-certified OB-GYN in private practice in Greenbrae, California. She offers women personalized, comprehensive healthcare, including both low & high-risk obstetric services, wellness woman exams, STD testing, birth control, menopause support, minimally invasive surgeries and aesthetic services. Educated at Harvard and Case Western Reserve, Dr. La Follette established her own healthcare practice in 2004 believing that all women are on an individual journey and should always receive nurturing, personalized healthcare.

Beginning in 2000, Dr. La Follette served as a physician member of First Pregnancy and Delivery (FPAD), now called OB Quality, which is a Sutter Health initiative to continue to improve first pregnancy outcomes for mothers and infants. As this project dissolved into creating CMQCC, she continues to be actively involved in supporting vaginal birth for first time moms as well as promoting vaginal birth after C-sections (VBACs).

At Marin General Hospital in 2002, she assisted in establishing the first Weekly Breast Cancer Conference. In 2015, she presented the 13-year research study of all VBACs at Marin General Hospital from 2000-2013 as a poster at the National Meeting of ACOG in San Francisco, May 2015.
Recently, she has joined the medical board at Baby and has done recent educational videos with actual births and sonograms.

As for ongoing research, she runs a participating site for an ongoing prospective study on preterm labor prediction. As a medical advisor for Sera Prognostics, the company that developed Preterm- a 20-week gestation maternal blood test in an attempt to predict the risk of having a preterm delivery, she is excited about this research trying to find a prospective prediction of preterm delivery. In addition, she continues to associate and learn from the Buck Institute on aging with current research interests in female fertility as well as the effects of sugar on aging.

As a U.S. citizen who went to grammar school in Paris, Dr. La Follette is bilingual in French and speaks some German, Swedish, and French. Her newest venture is exercise after doing both Pure Barre and Swimming and the Peloton, where so far she has done over 700 classes including cycling, yoga, core, strength, and meditation as she practices what she preaches in terms of exercise and diet.

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La Follette OB-GYN and Aesthetics offers women’s comprehensive obstetric and gynecological care including high-risk prenatal care, well women care exams with STD testing and birth control choices, as well as minimally invasive surgeries and popular non-invasive lasers such as MonaLisa Touch, SculpSure, and Icon.

Our goal is to provide each woman with the best and most personalized service oriented OB-GYN care possible.


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