Get Holiday Ready With 30% ProfileEnvi

Get Holiday Ready With 30% ProfileEnvi

Have Profile Envy With 30% off ProfileEnvi

Dealing with unwanted fat can be hard. Even if your diet and exercise are on the right track, slow results can be discouraging— especially if you’re holding onto weight in the neck, belly and chin area. Your face, in particular, is the first thing someone sees when they meet you; make an impression and put your best face forward with a ProfileEnvi package. 

Our ProfileEnvi package combines the body contouring of WarmSculpting from SculpSure with the skin tightening of TempSure Envi for a look that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

Even better? During the month of October, we’re offering 30% off ProfileEnvi packages (of bothy both TempSure and WarmSculpt together) so you can start getting glam just in time for the holiday season. Here’s how the ProfileEnvi works. 

WarmSculpting with SculpSure

In just 25 minutes, WarmSculpting effectively and efficiently eliminates fat permanently from the chin, neck and belly area. Stubborn belly fat can make you self-conscious and waiting for results at the gym can be discouraging: WarmSculpting works to eliminate stomach fat permanently.) This non-invasive treatment is a type of lipolysis, which in simple terms means that heat is used on the treatment area to melt away fat cells. 

While the treatment itself is quick, patience pays: it can take up to 12 weeks and multiple treatments to see the desired result. After the procedure, your body’s lymphatic system naturally flushes out the eliminated fat cells. During your personalized consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and what you hope to achieve. 

With FDA clearance on patients with a BMI under 49 and a 100% patient satisfaction rating in a clinical study conducted by Cynosure, this life-altering treatment is the ultimate game-changer.

The result is a flatter tummy, no more double chin, and confidence at an all-time high.

TempSure Envi

Is it getting hot in here, or is that just you? TempSure works by heating the deep layers of the skin to spark collagen regeneration and reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet, and smile lines. 

Collagen is what makes our skin appear elastic, smooth and youthful. As we age, we naturally begin to lose collagen, and poor skin habits can accelerate this process (sun exposure, pollution exposure, etc.).  Once this happens our skin begins to form fine lines and wrinkles; that’s where TempSure steps in. By stimulating the dermal layers of the skin, new collagen is created which leads to a youthful look. This process won’t happen overnight, however, expect to wait up to 4 weeks before the full effect is visible.

This one-two punch will have your confidence skyrocketing as you head into the holidays with your head held high. No need to worry about looking burnt out or holding onto that extra tummy fat in your family photos this year. With the ProfileEnvi combo, you’ll be the envy of the whole family. 

Give us a call to book your 30% off procedure during the month of October. We’ll be waiting for your call: (415) 461-1949.

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