Meet Baby Center’s Newest Medical Board Member!

Meet Baby Center’s Newest Medical Board Member!

Dr. La Follette continues to excite us with more amazing news! After partnering with Baby Center a few months ago, she’s taken on additional responsibilities with the world’s number one digital parenting resource (with content that reaches more than 100 million people monthly) including creating videos that tackle all the weird and wonderful questions that come along with childbirth. 


Since the partnership, Dr. La Follette’s video on C-section births has amassed nearly 5 million views, and her other informative videos aren’t far behind.


If you didn’t already know, Dr. La Follette is a board-certified OB-GYN who offers women at all stages of life personalized, comprehensive healthcare for everything from STD testing and wellness exams to childbirth and laser treatments like the MonaLisa Touch. She established her own healthcare practice in 2004 with the belief that all women are on individual journeys and should always receive nurturing, personalized healthcare as well as access to timely, decision-making medical information throughout their lives. 


With this type of reach and expertise, it’s no surprise that Baby Center has asked her to join their medical board. 


We’re excited to announce that Dr. La Follette accepted the responsibility, and in addition to helping patients like you every day, she’ll also be taking on additional duties to educate a wider audience. In short: this opportunity is as close to personally picking the Doctor’s brain as you’re going to get! 


Dr. La Follette will be reviewing both medical articles as well as videos to make the site as accurate and up to date as possible. With her expertise, expectant mothers across the globe will have access to the relevant, and pertinent birth information that you receive in office during appointments.


This incredible opportunity will allow Dr. La Follette to stay up to date on the latest research, provide her patients with the newest information, and the savviest techniques available. 


Although she may be gaining popularity around the world, she’s still your favorite OB-GYN. Don’t let her credentials intimidate you. Check out her videos here and give us a call at (415) 461-1949 to set up your next appointment!

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