Rejuvenation Treatments Available from Your OBGYN

Rejuvenation Treatments Available from Your OBGYN

When discussing medical treatment, we often focus on the treatment of illness or disease. While this is obviously important, they aren’t the only issues that we face. Issues with discomfort, including sexual enjoyment, weight and skin imperfections can strike anyone. While they may not be life-threatening issues, they still deserve to be addressed. After all, they impact your quality of life. Why suffer through it? You should feel comfortable with yourself and enjoy life’s pleasures.

What you may not know is that you can talk to your OBGYN about these issues. While there are certainly rejuvenation treatments available of a gynecological nature, they aren’t the only treatments that your OBGYN can offer. Thanks to the widespread implementation of different laser technologies, there are many ways your OBGYN can rejuvenate your body so you can feel confident and more comfortable. Here are a few of the major laser rejuvenation treatments that your OBGYN can perform that address a wide range of issues.

Mona Lisa Touch

The Mona Lisa Touch treatment is a laser treatment that you would traditionally associate with your OBGYN because it pertains to vaginal rejuvenation. During perimenopause, changes begin to occur in your hormone levels. Shifting estrogen levels cause vaginal tissues to become less elastic, as well as drier and thinner. This can lead to painful sexual intercourse. Additionally, the reduction in secretions and acidity can increase the risk for infection.

The Mona Lisa Touch laser can help treat the symptoms that arise due to menopause including itchiness, dryness, and irritation. During treatment, the Mona Lisa Touch laser is inserted into the vagina. The laser energy then gets to work heating up the tissue to increase blood flow. The increase in blood flow promotes healing. The laser also stimulates collagen production. Collagen is the protein produced by the body to heal wounds and give our skin its elasticity.

It’s a painless, five-minute treatment that is repeated three times at six-week intervals. Following that, an annual treatment should be all that’s required to keep the benefits going. There is next to no recovery period required, either. It’s recommended to abstain from sexual activity for two days following treatment, but that’s all.

ICON Laser

The ICON Laser treatment is all about correcting cosmetic flaws on the skin. Whether it’s scarring, stretch marks, or unwanted hair, this laser treatment is the recommended method for reducing their appearance. Much like with Mona Lisa Touch, the laser is used to stimulate collagen production in order to promote the skin’s natural healing properties. This is why it can even correct pigmentation problems. When used for hair removal, the laser damages the hair at the cellular level so that it can’t regrow following treatment. It’s a great permanent solution for unwanted hair.

An ICON Laser treatment may bring only mild discomfort that lasts a short amount of time. This is certainly preferable to invasive surgical solutions that require downtime to recover from and lingering pain. Most patients benefit from about four to six laser treatments in order to maximize their results. Each individual situation varies.


Finally, there is SculpSure. SculpSure has revolutionized the way people can get rid of excess fat in stubborn problem areas without having to undergo surgery. This is a great alternative to liposuction for people who are already close to their goal weight but are having trouble getting rid of the last stubborn pockets of fat despite the use of diet and exercise. The SculpSure applicator is placed on the area you’re looking to treat and delivers concentrated heat energy into the tissue. The applicator also cools the skin simultaneously to help avoid discomfort. When the laser energy penetrates the tissue, it heats up the fat cells and damages them. Once damaged, the body works over the course of the next six to twelve weeks to expel the damaged fat cells from the body. Fat cells that are permanently destroyed do not return. A treatment session lasts about twenty-five minutes and doesn’t require any recovery or downtime.


Your OBGYN does important, lifesaving work. After all, it’s recommended you go once a year for a check-up that is critical to your health. But, as you’ve seen, it’s not just about health-related issues or pregnancy. Sometimes, you need to make sure you can feel good about yourself. Weight, scars, and other issues can take a toll on your self-confidence and enjoyment of life. Why continue to suffer through it? There are treatment options available through your OBGYN beyond the scope of traditional gynecology. If you’re interested in any of these rejuvenation treatments, book an appointment online with us today. Dr. La Follette and her team are dedicated to providing you with cutting-edge treatments that are not only necessary for your health but also helpful cosmetically.

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