Rita Health Celebrates International Women’s Day: Online Fertility Assessment

Rita Health Celebrates International Women’s Day: Online Fertility Assessment

Dr. La Follette contributed to creating a digital fertility assessment, and for the next 4 weeks her patients can take the 10 minute survey at home and discuss their personalized report at their upcoming appointment.

Over the past three decades, deferred motherhood has become increasingly common in the U.S., as birthrates have declined for women in their 20s and jumped for women in their late 30s and early 40s. Advanced maternal age (pregnancies carried by someone 35 or older) brings several health risks to the mother and the baby. This adds to all the stress that often comes with the lengthy time required for diagnosis in the fertility field. The market currently offers fertility tracking tools that are handy only when the right time comes for women to get pregnant without preventatively supporting the journey and leaving them with questions and fear.

Rita offers a comprehensive fertility health report for women who hope to prepare proactively to one day achieve pregnancy. Developed with clinical professionals, our proprietary Digital AI-powered Fertility Preservation Assessment, DAFPA© goes far beyond hormones and age by analyzing 102 factors that can impact fertility and providing initial triaging – allowing women to take action following personalized fertility care plans and feeling knowledgeable before they begin their journey to parenthood.

Find the survey here: wearerita.com.

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